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vAmiga emulates a Commodore Amiga 500, 1000 or 2000 on your Mac. Development begun in January 2019 and has made great progress since then. Bug reports on GitHub are greatly appreciated.


To run the emulator, a Kickstart Rom is required. The original Amiga Roms are the intellectual property of Cloanto. By purchasing a license of Amiga Forever™ you can acquire a legal Kickstart license. Rom image files can be added to vAmiga via drag and drop.

Input devices

To use a joystick within the emulator, either enable keyboard emulation or connect an external USB joystick. The emulator has been tested with the Speedlink Competition Pro SL-6602 and various game console controllers. vAmiga also supports the RetroFun! USB adapter, which allows the connection of original Commodore joysticks.


vAmiga is open-source and published under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Related projects

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vAmiga.net is my personal web port of vAmiga, based on WASM, Svelte-Kit, Typescript and Tailwind. Run it in your browser right away.


VirtualC64 is a Commodore 64 emulator which is as user-friendly as vAmiga. Check it out today.


Moira is the virtual Motorola 68k CPU driving vAmiga. The CPU core is maintained in a seperate repository and is easily integratable into your own application.


Peddle is the virtual MOS 6510 CPU driving VirtualC64. The CPU core is maintained in a seperate repository and is as easy to integrate into your own application as Moira.


by other authors


vAmigaWeb is a WebAssembly port of vAmiga by GitHub user Mithrendal. The emulator runs in your browsers or on your mobile device as a progressive web app. It is also possible to embed vAmigaWeb as a web player as you can see right here:


This is another web WebAssembly port of vAmiga written by Christian Corti. The emulator has been optimized for running in web browsers and provides easy access to various Amiga games from within the application.