3.08.2021  VirtualC64 v4.4 has been released

25.07.2021  VirtualC64 v4.3 has been released

The new version brings two major improvements. First, a new compatibility panel has been added that allows the user to enable various energy-saving options. Enabling these options significantly increases emulation speed in various scenarios. Second, VirtualC64 can now emulate hardware-based floppy drive accelerators. Currently SpeedDOS+ and Dolphin DOS V2 are supported. Dolphin DOS V3 is yet to come.

24.05.2021  VirtualC64 v4.2 has been released

The new version brings two major improvements. Firstly, a screen recorder has been integrated for creating video footage in MP4 format. Secondly, the VICII graphics pipeline has been accelerated. The new version requires significantly less computing power and runs between 10% and 55% faster compared to the previous release.

11.05.2021  VirtualC64 v4.1 has been released

The new version contains important compatibility improvements and several enhancements. It features improved GamePad support as well as a text-based debug console that was originally implemented for vAmiga. It also fixes several minor and major bugs that found their way into the original v4.0 release. Upgrading to this version is highly recommended.

6.02.2021  VirtualC64 v4.0 has been released

Virtual C64 is finally ready. Pleases note that this and later releases are distributed exclusively via GitHub. The latest version can be obtained directly from this page. Older versions can be found on the GitHub release page. The distribution of auto-updates will be discontinued as the support of the Sparkle framework requires more maintenance effort than we can currently offer.

16.01.2021  VirtualC64 v4.0b3 has been released

15.01.2021  VirtualC64 v4.0b2 has been released

13.01.2021  VirtualC64 v4.0b1 has been released

VirtualC64 4.0 (Beta 1) is ready for public beta testing. It can be obtained from the GitHub releases section or by clicking the link above. Feeback is very welcome. If you encounter any problems, please open an issue on GitHub.

10.01.2021  v4.0 (Beta 1) will be released shortly

It has been some time since Virtual 3.4 was released and there have been no updates since then. One reason for this is that I have been working intensively on vAmiga during the last months. Another reason is that I added a lot more new features to the new version than originally planned. This took its time. But as of today VirtualC64 4.0 is nearly finished and ready for beta testing. We are happy to announce that the first public beta release will be available within days.

25.11.2020  No ARM support in v3.x series

Please note that VirtualC64 3.4 is not compatible with Apple Silicon Macs will probably never be. However, we are working on ARM support in v4.0 which is going to be released soon.

18.11.2020   Third-party game pad support

At the moment, VirtualC64 is still lacking support for some popular game controllers. Since I can only make the necessary code changes for devices in mypossession, I have created an Amazon wishlist containing a number of yet incompatible devices. If you want to have another controller supported, please let me know the exact model name. I will then add it to the wishlist, and with a bit of luck, a noble donor will be found who will order the device.

2.7.2020   VirtualC64 3.4 released

This version will probably be the last in the 3.x series. For the upcoming version 4.0 I plan to backport large parts of code from vAmiga. This will lead to major changes that will not only affect the internal code base but also the user interface.

5.3.2020   New web site in place

The old web page is gone for good. I replaced it by a new template scheme which allows me to publish in a more blog-style manner.

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