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Moira is a Motorola 68000, 68010, 680EC20, and 68020 emulator with high emulation accuracy, both functionally and temporally. It was designed for Amiga emulation which does not only require exact cycle counts, but memory accesses being performed at the proper DMA cycles.


Moira can be compiled on all major platforms (Linux, macOS, Windows) with a standard C++20 complient compiler such as GCC, Clang, or MSVC. The source code is compatible with WebAssembly, too, which makes Moira a first-class candidate for being used in web-based applications.


The architecture of Moira is geared towards high emulation speed. To achieve this goal, the emulator makes extensive use of templates. Moira even surpasses the emulation speed of Musashi, which belongs to the fastest M68k emulators ever developed.


The source code of the core emulator is open-source and published under the terms of the MIT License.

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