27.6.2023  Moira v2.4 has been released

This release contains the core CPU code of vAmiga 2.4. It also includes some minor disassembler fixed that were spotted after vAmiga 2.4 was released.

18.11.2022  Moira v2.2b1 has been released

Today Moira v2.2b1 has been released. The new version is a big improvement over previous versions. In addition to the existing 68000 emulation, Moira is able to accurately emulate a Motorola 68010 now. Furthermore, experimental support for the Motorola 68020 has been added. Documentation has been reworked, too. The old wiki pages have been removed and their contents integrated into a more detailed documentation system generated with Sphinx. All pages have been updated to cover the latest version. The release carries version number v2.2b because it is the one used in vAmiga 2.2b1. Once vAmiga leaves the beta phase, the version number will be bumped up to 2.2.

11.5.2021  Moira v1.0 has been released

Moira v1.0 is the version being used in vAmiga 1.0, which has been released today.

10.1.2021  Web site has been relocated

I am currently moving all HTML pages from my personal domain to GitHub pages. The old web site will go away once this is done.

5.3.2020  New web site in place

The old web page is gone for good. I replaced it by a new template scheme which allows me to publish in a more blog-style manner.

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