27.6.2023  Peddle v2.0 released

This release contains the CPU core of VirtualC64 4.6 with a few modifications.

27.11.2022  Saying Hello to Peddle

What is Peddle? The main goal of this project is to make the CPU of VirtualC64 available for third-party applications. Until now, two major obstacles had to be overcome. First, the CPU core was deeply embedded in VirtualC64 and closely connected to many other components of the emulator. Therefore, it required some decent effort and knowledge to extract the code. Second, VirtualC64 is released under the terms of the GPL which means that the CPU core could not be used legally in many other applications. Both problems were addressed by this project. First, the core was isolated and freed from all direct dependencies. It now communicates with the surrounding logic via a clearly defined interface. Second, the core has been re-licensed. It is now published under the terms of the MIT license, allowing much broader use.

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