Devices Panel

Use this field to configure external USB gamepads.

Devices Panel

After plugging in an external USB device, vAmiga checks the device for compatibility. If a suitable gamepad is detected, vAmiga allows the user to adjust the axis assignment. vAmiga comes with a list of known devices and automatically chooses the correct axis assignment when such a device is detected. For gamepads that are not known to the emulator, you have a good chance of getting it to work by trying some axis assignments manually.

Supported devices

At the time of writing this documentation, known devices include the following:

  • Competition Pro SL-650212

  • Competition Pro SL-6602

  • Nimbus+

  • iNNEXT Retro (SNES)

  • Mayflash Magic-NS 1.2

  • XBox Carbon Black

  • XBox One Wired Controller

  • Sony DualShock 3

  • Sony DualShock 4

  • Sony DualShock 4 (2nd Gen)

  • Sony DualSense

  • HORIPAD for Nintendo Switch

  • The C64 Joystick

Supported USB adapters

With the help of a USB retro adapter you can also connect original Commodore joysticks. vAmiga has been tested with the following two adapters:

  • aJoy Retro Adapter

  • RetroFun! Joystick Adapter

My personal recommendation is to invest in the Competition Pro SL-650212. It has lower latency than its predecessor, the SL-6602, and offers the best retro experience in my opinion. Also, I can recommend using an original Competition Pro from back in the day in combination with the RetroFun! joystick adapter.